The Coggit framework is extremely flexible, which means that we can help you with a wide range of software projects, from building large applications right down to small enhancements of existing infrastructure.

We spent several years designing and developing the XML framework in which we write code. This framework is an asset unique to Coggit and it enables us to write software that is:

  • Robust – our XML framework is very rigourous, reducing scope for bugs
  • Simple & transparent – the business logic is the XML definitions, there is no "code" hiding the logic
  • Flexible & compatible – code works in any environment (that we support)
  • Easy to check – you can audit, test and implement your code in different environments
  • Efficient – you can re-use code anywhere in your business
  • Easy to support – we can deliver the engine that implements your code in your choice of programming language

For many projects it is much more efficient to develop software using the Coggit framework rather than using the traditional methods. This means that we can often offer an extremely cost-effective solution, even before taking account of the additional benefits outlined above.

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