This is a tool that calculates how many units of alcohol are consumed on a periodic basis.

In more detail, the tool calculates the number of units consumed on a daily, monthly, weekly and annual basis for each relevant alcohol type, as well as the combined number of units for each period, and displays the results in a table.

For this tool, the standard UK definition unit of alcohol is used, i.e. one unit of alcohol is defined as 10 millilitres of pure alcohol.

The information required for the calculations is grouped by alcohol type in a table with one row per type. It is only necessary to enter the data for the relevant alcohol types; the other type data can be left empty.

There are eight alcohol types shown: beer, cider (including perry), wine, sparkling wine, fortified wine (e.g. port), alcopops, spirits and liqueurs.

Each relevant alcohol type requires the following compulsory information:

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