This is a tool that calculates the UK income tax and net income for the savings income segment of the total gross income over a specified tax year, and displays the results in a table.

Additionally, if required, the tool displays more detailed results from the tax calculation: the tax allowances used, the tax band details (showing the range, taxable income, tax percentage rate and calculated tax for each band), and, if relevant, any tax rebate applied.

Note: Since age related tax allowances are dependent on the total income and this tool does not consider dividend income, the allowances used for these calculations may differ from the allowances which would be applied if this additional income was taken into consideration. If you wish all income to be used in the tax calculations, please use the UK Income Tax (Total) tool instead.

For the savings income calculations, it is necessary to supply the following compulsory information:

If you qualify for any of the extra income tax allowances, i.e. additional to the personal allowance, then supply the relevant parts of the following information:

The data (e.g. rates and allowances) used by this tool was obtained primarily from...

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