This is a tool that calculates the Hong Kong (HK) income tax and net income for the earned income, for a single person or married couple, over a specified tax year, and displays the results in a table. Optionally, it is possible to include mandatory pension contributions in the analysis. In which case, the results table also displays the calculated mandatory pension contributions, with the net income reflecting this extra deduction. In the case of a married couple, the displayed results show the total gross income, income tax and net income, though the tax may be calculated via separate or joint assessment. Since the resulting assessment may differ from the inputted preference, e.g. separate assessment may result in a lower tax bill than joint assessment, this is also shown.

Additionally, if required, the tool displays more detailed results from the tax calculation:

For the income tax calculations, it is necessary to supply the following compulsory information:

If you are married, it is necessary to supply the following additional information:

Note: In Hong Kong, this is also known as salaries tax.

Note: The tool automatically includes certain tax deductions when determining the taxable income and thus calculating the income tax: the standard tax allowances which depend on your personal status (e.g. a married couple's allowance) and the number of children you have, as well as the deduction for any mandatory pension contributions. Currently, it is not possible to specify any extra income tax deductions that should be taken into account.

Note: The tax reduction on the calculated tax, mentioned above, is currently only relevant to the tax years 2009-10 and 2010-11, and involves a reduction of 75% up to a maximum of 6000HK$. In the 2011-12 tax year calculations, no such reduction is applied.

Note: It is not possible to specify any dependent relative allowances.

The data used by this tool was obtained mainly from the following sources:

The data used by this tool for the HK mandatory pension contributions calculation was obtained primarily from the following sources:

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