This is a tool that calculates the call and put prices of up to 5 European (style) options, using the Black-Scholes model. It also supports the entering of up to 5 risk parameters for each option, to enable the risk to be calculated when parameters change by defined amounts.

Initially the tool displays a single option view. To switch to a tabular, multiple option view, choose the required number of option columns from the Select View drop down box. In the multiple option view, different option calculations can be performed in parallel, allowing easy comparison of results. To reduce data entry time, it is possible to copy the option details from one column to the next, by using the Copy button at the top of the column. For further flexibility, any option in the multiple view can be displayed on its own in the single option view by selecting the appropriate choice in the Select View drop down.

For each option price calculation, it is necessary to supply the following information:

To specify risk parameters for one or more options, click on the Show Risk Parameters toggle button. This displays a risk table for each option currently in view, with each table showing 3 risk rows initially. To change the number of risk rows displayed, choose the required number from the Select Risk View drop down box. It is also possible to display only one risk at a time (for each option) by selecting the appropriate single risk row view choice from the drop down.

For each option risk calculation, it is necessary to supply the following information:

The results of each option risk calculation are displayed in the same row as the entered information. The results indicate the call and put risks, which are the risks determined by subtracting the original call or put price from that generated by re-running the calculation with the blipped (changed) parameter.

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